Spray Foam Insulation Removal Guidance & Advice


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Were you missold Spray Foam Insulation?

You could seek compensation if you suffered distress and/or inconvenience because a contractor duped you into thinking spray foam insulation would save you money and better protect your home.

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There seems to be ever-increasing instances of scams relating to spray foam taking place with these rogue firms especially targeting the elderly.


Is your Spray Foam Insulation Flammable?


Spray Foam Insulation

What is it?

Spray Foam insulation is a liquid foam that is sprayed onto the underside of the roof pitches to provide an extra layer of insulation to the property.

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Why is it used?

Spray foam insulation is applied with a hose that mixes two chemical compounds. Installing the material properly is a process that requires precise mixing, layering and temperature of the chemicals. If installed incorrectly, the material fails to properly cure and can crack, off-gas or cause other problems.

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Spray Foam Tips & Guidance

Spray Foam Insulation Guidance and Advice Spray Foam Insulation Removal

Mortgage Lenders

In the long-term, this may cause the value of your property to decrease as there could be a situation where there is a lack of available funding to a possible buyer.

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Health & Safety

Spray foam insulation does create health effects and risks to consider.

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Spray Foam Insulation Guidance and Advice Spray Foam Insulation Removal


You can find many spray foam removal products on the market. However, having an expert carry out the process means the removal will be done thoroughly and correctly. In short, the spray foam is removed without causing any further damage to roof timbers and walls. When an expert does the work it ensures the results meet a potential lenders’ requirements. This is due to the lender’s surveyor report being closely followed.

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